Rewriting His Book

Rewriting His Book

Everything had gone right for Devlin and Phaedra. Their chance encounter set their lives soaring to unexpected heights. The world was theirs for the taking. At least until Devlin’s father comes to town with unsettling news. 

The flames of romance flicker, threatening to extinguish as Devlin and Phaedra struggle to deal with this new information before it tears their relationship apart. Both are pushed to their limits, desperately clinging to a love that feels right.

It will take all their inner strength to avoid breaking up. Happily ever after is within reach, if only they can make it that far. 

Rewriting His Book is the anticipated sequel to A Page From His Book.

Catching up with Devlin and Phaedra

Set six months after the ending of A Page From His Book, the highly anticipated sequel Rewriting His Book catches Devlin and Phaedra at the end of a long, busy day. 

The grandfather clock chimed five-thirty, signaling the end of Grant Devlin’s work day. The last of the early fall light streamed in through the high windows, casting tinted shadows across the old wooden floors. Devlin, as he was known, set about tidying the bookstore he owned, pushing in chairs, turning off lamps and straightening the shelves. He whistled along to the record playing throughout the store as he finished his nightly routine. 

It had been a busy day at Devlin’s Books. From opening until just before closing, the store had been full of customers looking for their perfect book. He’d helped everyone from schoolchildren to senior citizens and the work filled him with a sense of purpose. Devlin loved owning his own store and running it how he see fit. He spent his days helping customers select books, running reading groups for stay-at-home mothers and keeping up with the ever growing inventory. He spent his early mornings shelving new arrivals and ordering more books, adding to his running list of titles as customers requested them. As Devlin finished his routine, he paused in the doorway to the back office, watching the woman inside.



Let’s look at what went into writing Rewriting His Book:



Months to Write

Diet Cokes Drank While Writing

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