Civil Savage

Civil Savage

A gentleman in the streets and a savage in the sheets… 

You might think when a girl is using five dating apps she’s desperate to find Mr. Right. 

But you would be wrong… in my case anyway. 

My name is Olivia Miller, and I’m looking for Mr. Right-Now. 

Tired of this dry spell and spending all my nights alone, I’ve given up searching— there is no such a thing as the “perfect” man.

Little did I know it was my turn to be wrong.

Enter copper-haired hottie Tyler Ames. 

I swiped. He swiped back. 

Handsome. Arrogant. And persuasive as hell. 

The things he does to me… 

From DM’s to fooling around, I think he just may be perfect for me.

Until we finally take things to the bedroom and I see a whole new side of him— a savage side.

I’m more than ready to let loose, but am I ready to lose control? 



Let’s look at what went into writing Civil Savage



Weeks to Write

Diet Cokes Drank While Writing

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