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Katherine Anderson is the author of A Page From His Book: Welcome to Devlin’s Book and Rewriting His Book: Return to Devlin’s Books, with a third book in the works. She spends her days working for a niche marketing company, and her nights coming up with new ways to torture her characters. When she’s not writing, you can find her developing websites for a myriad of clients, ranging from solar energy companies to fellow authors and everything in between.

Katherine is a Diet Coke fiend; the way to her heart is with a 12-pack and a good book. She’s a  founding member of author group the Boujee Book Babes. She listens to an inordinate amount of Spotify, and can rap the opening to the musical Hamilton.

What People are Saying about Katherine’s Books

I liked this book. It was just long enough to keep me entertained. The did a great job describing the characters and scenes. I felt like I could picture everything. 



This is the 1st book I’ve read written by Katherine Anderson; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.

Jeanne Richardson


First, I just want to say that Devlin owns a book store...who wouldn’t want to date a guy who owns a book store?

This book is beautifully written, Devlin and Phaedra are almost in a world of their own. They meet and instantly get caught up in each other, taking you on a journey of love and maybe a tinge of heartbreak but don’t worry, nothing too crazy!

Jacie Lennon


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