A Page From His Book

A Page From His Book

Life in a bookstore can be lonely. For Grant Devlin, every day is the same story. Each morning he opens his family bookstore and spends countless hours staring out the window as life passes him by until one day the breeze blows a stranger into his shop. Devlin’s quiet life is upended and it’s all he can do to keep his head above water.

Phaedra Monroe wasn’t looking for love the day she stumbled into the quaint bookstore. In fact, she wasn’t even looking for a book. When a chance encounter in an old bookstore opens her long closed-off heart, it turns her world upside down. She and Devlin develop an immediate emotional attachment that turns to love.

When an old flame from Devlin’s past reemerges to complicate everything, will their love last or does fate have one last trick to play? Find out in… A Page From His Book.


Meet Grant Devlin

No romance would be complete without a swoon-worthy main character. Meet Grant Devlin with this excerpt from A Page From His Book.

The door opened as Grant Devlin strode in. Rows upon rows of shelves and stacks of books lined the entrance, stretching all the way to the back of the store. Each section carefully labeled and alphabetized, the books stood on each shelf perfectly aligned, spine to spine. Grant Devlin, or simply Devlin, trailed a hand across the glass case of leather-bound first-editions. They were the first things he saw as he opened the shop every morning and the last he saw at night before closing up.

Devlin’s heart swelled with pride every morning as he opened, reminding himself that this was his now. As he walked down the flight of stairs from the small apartment over the store each morning, the feeling never dulled. He never grew bored with his routine. He never longed for anything more than the smell of books and fresh coffee and the way helping customers find the right book made him feel.



Let’s look at what went into writing A Page From His Book:



Months to Write

Diet Cokes Drank While Writing

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